A microphone that reaches as far as your lens

Amplify your audio up to 45 times (33 dB)

Your production is hard enough

You need a microphone that’s not going to send you scrambling because of dead batteries or interference, or waste hours of your time trying to fix problems in post-production. Whether you are 5 or 500 feet away, simply point the KLOVER MiK parabolic microphone at the action and enjoy clear audio that amplifies your subject while minimizing background noise.

When it comes to long-range audio, there is simply no comparison.

Lapel Microphone
Hand-held Microphone
Shotgun Microphone


Maximum Usable Range (Feet)


Lapel Mics - Range: 2 feet
Hand-held mics - Range: 2 feet
Shotgun mics - Range: 10 feet
KLOVER MiK 09 - Range: 30 feet +
KLOVER MiK 16 - Range: 250 feet +
KLOVER MiK 26 - Range: 500 feet +

What makes KLOVER MiK unique?

It's all about the shape!

How a parabolic microphones work animation (178x300)

Manufactured to tolerances of only a few thousandths of an inch, KLOVER MiK was the first true parabolic microphone on the market and remains the gold standard for audio production.

Capture the sound you want, minimize what you don't

Join thousands of other video production professionals who have made the switch.

KLOVER MiK parabolic microphones are ideal for:


We're with you every step of the way, from troubleshooting installation to helping with network approval.

Choose your MiK

Select your KLOVER MiK model based on size and range. If you are not sure, schedule a consultation call for personalized recommendations.

Build your kit

Choose from our selection of accessories to suit your particular application. If needed, schedule a consultation call for help with your selections.


Enjoy less stress, having confidence in the reliability and performance of your long-range microphone.

Production Crew (800x533)

You want to film it, not be a part of it

Being able to capture audio from a distance means you can discreetly film a press conference, presentation or sporting event without interrupting the audience's experience. With our smallest parabolic microphone, journalists can easily conduct socially distanced interviews. It's like a telephoto lens for your microphone.

Beyond Sports

While the KLOVER MiK was created for major networks, other industries benefit from it's unparalleled performance in long-range audio.

KLOVER MiK 16 parabolic microphone on Blacklist (1096x731)

Military / Security

Long-range use of parabolic microphones allows surveillance to be carried out from a safe distance without detection.

Military / Security / Law Enforcement

SecurityNo other microphone can capture audio from such a great distance.  Law enforcement and security agencies can monitor dangerous situations from a safe distance.

Helicopter (800x533)

Fire / Search & Rescue

Parabolic microphones are used broadly in search and rescue efforts. In tests, calls for help have been heard from over a mile away.

Search & Rescue

Before making a purchase, a member of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team conducted a test of the KLOVER MiK 26.  

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Search and RescueSanta Clara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue“The parabolic microphone aided comprehension both meaningfully and statistically at all distances. Between 322 and 1190 m, comprehension with the microphone was 86% vs 52% for unaided listening.  Between 1529 and 2510 m, comprehension with the microphone was 57% vs only 12% for unaided listening . These results show the parabolic microphone to be superior in both detecting and comprehending hidden subjects who are calling.”

Parabolic microphones are also invaluable for locating victims in rubble or collapsed buildings.

Television Reporters

Broadcast Journalism

A parabolic mic on top of a camera can capture audio clearly from six feet away for socially distanced interviews.

Broadcast Journalsim

Social Distancing VideoInterviews can be conducted with no notice because there is no need to place a mic on the subject. Depending on the level of ambient noise, the audio will be very similar to a lapel mic on the subject from up to 6 or 8 feet.

An unexpected benefit of using the KM-09 is that the audio signal drops off much less when your subject turns their head to the side, as compared to a lapel mic.

KM 09 LED on News Camera 3The directionality of the KM-09 greatly reduces the amount of ambient, or crowd noise that is captured. This allows your subject to stand out from the background noise. At the same time, the pickup is large enough that more than one subject can be captured with equal levels. You don’t need to worry about the subject speaking while the interviewer has pulled back the mic.

KM 09 in grid 2A group of 27 panel members was captured with four KLOVER MiK 09 units hung from the ceiling grid.

The small parabolic also makes a great backup for wireless mics when mounted above the news desk.

Lecture Hall (800x533)

Meeting / Class Streaming

A single parabolic microphone can pick up multiple speakers. Questions or comments can be captured from a large group of attendees using one or more parabolic mics.

Military / Security / Law Enforcement

Presenting classes online is becoming more common every year. Streaming video of the instructor is quite easy, and using a wireless mic provides great audio from the instructor. If desired, it is rather straight forward to add a second camera to capture video of the students.  The challenge, however, is to capture audio of student questions and interaction.

KM-09 in ClassroomKM-09 in ClassroomComments from more than 20 students were captured with four 9-inch parabolic microphone mounted in a 20-foot x 40-foot classroom.  The audio was more than adequate.   Another university placed a 9-inch parabolic (along with a Go Pro camera) in each classroom to stream the professor to students watching from home.

Houses of worship have used our 9-inch parabolic mics to stream the speaker or congregants to those watching online.

The small unit can also be mounted on a pan/tilt unit to follow the video camera, or mounted to a pan/tilt/zoom camera, to provide more focused audio to online meetings.

Nature Photographer

Nature Study

Parabolic microphones can be used to record the sounds of nature without disturbing the habitat.

Nature Study

Our 9-inch parabolic microphones have been used by bird watchers around the world.  They have also been used to record land animals at zoos and in the wild (even Big Foot!).

KLOVER MiK 09 Parabolic Microphone Sample Clips - BirdsKLOVER MiK 09 Parabolic Microphone Sample Clips - Eagles

This video shows our KLOVER MiK 16 capturing cranes in flight.

KLOVER MiK 16 Parabolic Microphone Sample - Cranes

Camera at press conference

Panels / Press Conferences

Capture audience questions at press conferences, or multiple speakers on stage simply by aiming a parabolic mic in their direction.

Panels / Press Conferences

Eagles Press ConferenceThe range of the KLOVER MiK allows the presenter or the questioners to be heard, depending on the need.  Click on the image to learn more about how the Philadelphia Eagles use the KLOVER MiK 16.

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All Klover products are hand built in Wisconsin with more than 90% domestically sourced material.

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