KLOVER MiK 16 Parabolic Microphone Bundle

Our mid-size parabolic microphone.  Perfect for mid-range applications.

Choose between the original KLOVER MiK 16 and the newer dual-handle “V2” model for hand-held applications. Choose between the Hard Mount and Sound Shield versions for stationary applications.

You can also protect your KLOVER MiK by having it shipped in one of our optional cases.

Get the most out of your KLOVER MiK 16.
Create a custom kit by choosing your desired model, and accessories below.

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The KLOVER MiK 16 is our mid-size parabolic microphone.  It turns your omnidirectional, or wide-cardioid mic into a long-range microphone that gathers audio from long distances.   This long-distance microphone is capable of capturing conversations from up to 250 feet.

Order Processing

Normally 3 to 7 days. Cases and some microphones may take four to six weeks. Contact us for current stock status.

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