KLOVER MiK 16 Parabolic Mic Seen in “Hawaii 5-0” episode

KLOVER MiK 16 parabolic microphone on Hawaii 5-0

If you happened to watch the January 12th episode of Hawaii 5-0 (O ka mea ua hala, ua hala ia  – Episode 13 of Season 8) you saw one of our KLOVER MiK 16 parabolic microphones being used as a prop as the police listen in on a main characters in a hostage situation.  We have had several products used as props but we don’t often get notified when they are actually seen.

Unfortunately, parabolic mics are often used in fairy-tale fashion in TV shows and movies but this crew did a fairly good job of using it in a realistic manner.  From the pictures they sent back to us, I’m not sure they had the microphone mounted correctly but a viewer would never notice that during the program.

KLOVER MiK 16 parabolic microphone on Hawaii 5-0

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